Monday, August 6, 2012

2 Weeks 2 Days...

Our baby girls are getting CHUNKY!!



  Chloe is weighs in at 3 pounds 14 ounces! And little Carlee is up to 3 pounds 2 ounces (above her sissy's birth weight).  We are so excited about the chubs.

  Alot has happened in the last few days... Chloe was moved to clear fluids in her IV, then the next day her pic line was removed... strictly breast milk and formula for her  :)  She is also up to 26ml feeds and extra calories added to help her pack on the pounds. She is still on the CPAP to help her remember to breath, but hopefully she will be off of that soon too.

  Carlee has been moving up in her feeds too, she is now up to 18ml with little or no residuals - she is tolerating it very well. She still has her pic line, I think they will remove it when she gets up to 24ml feeds.

  I saw my peri-doc the other day when I went to see the girls. He said he was VERY happy they delivered when they did... if we had waited just a couple more days, we wouldn't be looking at two babies. That was a scary reality check on how serious the situation was. We are so thankful to both of my doctors and all my nurses for all they did to make sure our girls were delivered safe. It is hard to thank someone enough for something like that.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

1 Week Birthday!!

Happy 1 week birthday!

  We made it through our first week with big milestones and a few setbacks.

  Chloe & Carlee are doing very well - Both were treated for jaundice and taken off, then both are being treated again, they're bilirubin levels rose a bit, so a few more days of the "tanning" light.  Chloe is up to 7cc of breastmilk for her feedings, Carlee is finally tolerating her feeds and is up to 3cc per feed. Chloe is down to 1 liter of air (forced air) and Carlee has been taken off completely. She is having a few brady episodes and is a little apneic... so she is being given caffeine to keep those at bay. They are going back and forth with their weight, but both have matched their birth weight!









Overall, the girls are doing fabulous for their age. They are so adorable... and not because they're mine, but because they ARE!!

Monday, July 23, 2012

They're Here!!!

Welcome Chloe & Carlee!

July 21, 2012

Chloe Lynn - 3 pounds 1 ounce

3:08 p.m.

Carlee Rae - 2 pounds 8 ounces

3:09 p.m.

  Well, needless to say Saturday was a very eventful day! It all started Friday around 1:30 pm. I went for my daily wheelchair ride for fresh air, when I got back to my room, the nurse informed me there was a decel from Baby B... she made a note about it and the girls stayed on the monitor for the next few hours without incident.

  Around 10 pm I noticed Baby B was having another decel - heart rate in the 60s - I told my night nurse it was NOT me and I was kinda freaked out. Of course, Baby B recovered well and was on track until 4:20 am with, yet another decel. This time my OB was called and was at my room with the ultrasound machine within 15 minutes. He was concerned and consulted with the Peri-doc (high risk) who also came in and looked at the babies with the ultrasound machine. As he looked at the cords, he noticed the blood flow was flowing good TO Baby B, but not FROM. At this point he said "Ok... since you just ate breakfast, we'll deliver around 2 pm TODAY!"

  Nurses and Doctors in and out of my room for the next 5 hours, needles, information, phone calls, MORE people in and out, More needles... so much was happening.

  Finally, 2:45 pm I was wheeled into the OR with my husband in tow with is cute blue scrubs on and ready to go.

  AND THEN... Baby A, Chloe, was delivered at 3:08pm and Baby B, Carlee, was delivered at 3:09pm.  Chloe came out crying and announcing her presence. Carlee was crying also, but not as loud.

  Both girls have been and will be in the NICU for a few weeks. But we are looking forward to them coming home and enlightening our lives.





  And here is the cord picture... we are all amazed they made it to 30 weeks without any mishaps...

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Day 24...


  First off, I am the only pregnant patient in Antipartum, so they closed that wing and moved me to labor & delivery. Which is very noisy and busy. The nurses always seem to be in a rush. My nurses and I are hoping we get new patients soon so we can move back.

  Second, my peri doc informed me that my doctors have decided to deliver at 34 weeks instead of 32! Which is great for the girls, a little sad for me because I have to stay in the hospital longer.

  Still looking forward to having two healthy babies to take home... 5 more weeks!!

Monday, July 9, 2012

28 weeks... still pregnant!!

  Here we are... inpatient 21st day... 

Hate it, but only 4 more weeks at most. 

We hit the 28 week milestone on Saturday - Yay!

  So far the hardest part of this whole hospital thing is not being able to just go home... I am hooked up to this machine that gives me about 2 feet wandering room, except for bathroom, shower, and walking breaks (10 min walks x2 a day and 1x 30 min OUTSIDE wheelchair ride). Oh, and the blood draws every few days aren't very exciting either.  Have had a few breakdowns, Jesse tries his best to calm me down and think it won't last forever and we'll have 2 little babies soon, Thanks Babe!

  Got woken up this morning to the nurse telling me to 'empty my bladder...' Okay? I guess I had been having regular contractions for an hour or so - I couldn't feel them so there is no worry, I guess it's pretty common. She gave me some anti-contraction medicine and now they're gone :) 

  Otherwise, no big hiccups. The babies have had 2 decels (the heartbeat drops below their regular baseline for more than a few minutes and has trouble recovering) where I have had been put on oxygen - again, pretty normal for this type and/or any type of pregnancy. And from what the Doctors say - the babies variability with the heartbeats is as good, if not better, than 30+ weekers... which means they have very good circulatory systems.

  I get ultrasounds on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays to check fluid levels and watch the babies "practice breathe", which is really cool!!

  The last 3 weeks have gone by fairly fast, looking back... hopefully the next month goes just as smoothly and quick!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Can't Wait To Welcome Our Little Girls!!

Beautiful flowers my husband brought me

 after a day of missing home...


The Girls' first accessories

27 Weeks

Baby B @ 26 Weeks

Baby A @ 26 Weeks

25 Weeks!!! Viability Milestone - Yay!!!

Check into inpatient...

Owl Cupcakes

Baby Shower Owl Cake... So Cute!

21 Weeks...

19 Weeks...

Baby B Healthy Heartbeat  :)

Baby A Healthy Heartbeat  :)

Perfect Little Foot

17 Weeks

1st baby bump picture @ 15 weeks

They were mooning us, Haha!


15 Weeks

13 Weeks... Uh-Oh, IT'S TWINS!!

7 weeks... Only 1... or so they thought...

4 Weeks... Positive!!